Nothing But The Blues


14 November 2015

Artist Title
Georgie Bonds Pickin' Your Bones
Chris Yakopcic Phonograph Blues
Mississippi Fever Traveling Riverside Blues
Katie Webster No Bread, No Meat
Lucille Spann Meat Ration Blues
Eddie Taylor Keep On Pushing
Louis Jordan I'm Gonna Move To The Outskirts Of Town
B.B. King Outside Help (live)
Allen Toussaint Brickyard Blues
Shirley Johnson Get Your Lovin' Where You Spend Your Time
Steve Freund & Gloria Hardiman Well I Done Got Over It
Richard Ray Farrell & Marco Pandolfi Stuck On The Blues
Marco Pandolfi Goin' Away Baby
Cephas & Wiggins Ain't Seen My Baby
Frank Frost Gonna Put Her Down
Corey Harris Teabag Blues

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